Kaiser Seiu Agreement

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On October 14, 2021, Kaiser Permanente and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) reached a tentative agreement on a new four-year contract that will cover approximately 58,000 employees across the United States. The agreement comes after months of negotiations between the two parties and will provide significant benefits to Kaiser Permanente employees, including wage increases, improved health care benefits, and better job security.

One of the key provisions of the new agreement is a 4% wage increase that will go into effect immediately after ratification. Additionally, employees will receive another 3% wage increase in 2022 and a 2% increase in both 2023 and 2024. This marks a significant improvement from the previous contract, which only offered a 2% wage increase each year.

Another important aspect of the agreement is its focus on improving health care benefits for Kaiser Permanente employees. Under the new contract, employees will receive access to high-quality medical care, including virtual visits with physicians, free flu shots and other preventative care services. This will help ensure that employees are able to stay healthy and productive, making a positive impact on both the company and their own lives.

The agreement also includes provisions related to job security, which is especially important during uncertain economic times. Employees will receive an increase in guaranteed working hours and protections against layoffs, furloughs, or reductions in hours. This will provide a sense of stability for employees and help to ensure that they can continue to support their families and contribute to their communities.

Overall, the Kaiser SEIU agreement represents a significant win for both employees and the company. The improvements in wages, health care benefits, and job security will help to attract and retain top talent, while also improving the quality of life for employees. This is a positive step forward for the healthcare industry as a whole and serves as an example of how collaborative negotiations can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

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